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Link to feedback from the parent questionnaire and summary of the school improvement plan 


Comments from the Parent Questionnaire in July 2016


Comments about our school include:


‘All the children seem to be proud to attend Lane End. There is a lovely atmosphere from Reception to juniors. We would like to thank everyone at Lane End for making our daughter's first year so enjoyable - for her and for us as parents. Lovely school, lovely teachers, lovely children.’


 ‘There is a very strong community culture within the school that allows an environment of openness and approachability between all children, staff and parents. Lane End’s real strength is the friendliness and warmth you receive whenever you visit there as a parent or a child. Thank you for all of the hard work and care all of the staff at Lane End give every day.’


‘Lane End is an excellent school - the teachers teach the children well and have good rapport with us parents.  Excellent teaching and leadership - very well done.’


‘We are extremely happy with our child’s school life - every day is different for him: new experiences, varied activities, different methods of learning, good effective ways to manage good behaviour and great encouragement from teacher and teaching assistants.’


‘Provide a safe and happy environment in which the children benefit from the excellent teaching provided in a highly stimulating way. Communication between school and parents is excellent.’


‘Many, many things (the school does well)! Overall, the enthusiasm and passion shown by the staff to enhance our children’s education and learning experience. Every element of the curriculum is enthusiastically and creatively taught, inspiring the children in so many ways - sport, music, maths, creative writing. The children lead very enriched lives due to Lane End!’


‘A great community feel to school life, very supportive (the children towards each other - lovely to see), fantastic opportunities, i.e. Halle, taking part in assemblies. My girls are very happy at school - Lane End is a wonderful well led school with fantastic teachers - thank you :)’


‘Excellent at teaching and rewarding good behaviour and helping children improve any bad behaviour. The children all seem happy and confident and this is due to the teaching staff and the environment you provide at school - thank you.’


‘Always striving to improve / this year there have been fantastic new additions like the trim trail, forest school, see saw app and parent pay.  There is a great community feel. As a family we are very happy to be part of Lane End - it is a great school. Thanks for all of your hard work.’


‘To provide a place that children are happy to go to every morning.’


‘Work together - age appropriate learning activities. I am very pleased and more than satisfied with everything that Lane End has and does. Brilliant and friendly staff. Fantastic learning resources and much more. I couldn't have a bad comment to make about staff or the school.’


‘Motivation is very high, can do attitude, support, respect the children, teach, create a family caring attitude, work to a high level and encourage children to learn.’


‘Absolutely every aspect of the children's schooling - from teaching standards to after school activities. Extremely happy with Lane End.’


‘The school works extremely hard to provide the best facilities for the children. The teaching staff are amazing and the school should be very proud!’


Comments from the Parent Questionnaire in June 2015


“Lane End is a happy, caring and welcoming environment for children to thrive academically and socially. We have had children at Lane End for 13 years now and we are absolutely delighted with the care, consideration and education they have received.”


“A great community feel – fantastic teachers!”


“Other than the fantastic attitude of all the staff, I think the way that Lane End continues to educate and stimulate all the pupils, whilst still maintaining their enthusiasm and dealing with an ever-changing curriculum is great! It is gratifying to see how individual children are allowed to flourish in areas they excel at, yet still achieve a superb foundation of skills and education.”


“Love Lane End – my children are happy there and all doing well.”


“The school excels in all aspects. The staff work so hard to provide a superb culture for learning and striving to succeed. The teaching is excellent and the staff are so caring and enthusiastic.”


“I believe you teach the children to be well-mannered and look after each other, also to respect people. I also like your approach to teaching the children in class. It is fun and they love coming to school.”


“A wonderful school producing children with excellent life and social skills as well as a strong education – strong teaching team, good values through all years, excellent PTA team and events.”


“School has a lovely friendly atmosphere.”


“You create and foster a fantastic feeling of family; Celebrate the wonder and fun of learning; Seek to educate our children in the broadest sense, not just reading, writing and maths. A huge thank you to all members of staff, both teachers and support, for their amazing dedication and the care which they give day after day to our children.”


“They make every child and every parent/carer feel valued by creating a strong community and values that will help the children as they grow into young adults. Each child is taught at a pace which aims to build confidence and challenge.”


“Very high standards in education, behaviour, communication with parents and reputation.”


“The school provides a happy environment where children thrive, respect the teachers and their peers. The teachers are positive and enthusiastic and are able to bring out the best in the children.”


“Treat children as individuals, teachers know them well and the school has a nurturing yet professional feel.”


“You give the children confidence and a feeling of belonging to a fantastic school.”


“Lovely warm caring atmosphere where everyone feels valued.”


“Good communication with parent, great activities and events. Very approachable and caring staff.”


“The leadership and teaching team enable the children’s experience at school to be an enjoyable one, whilst at the same time encouraging every child to achieve the best of their abilities.”


“You inspire great personal values in the kids.”


“Lane End is a lovely friendly welcoming school for both the children and parents, generating positive support for the school which was demonstrated during the voting for the OneFamily Funding (funding for Trim Trail safety flooring). It has also been lovely to see the extra effort and enthusiasm from staff and volunteers in the recent extra-curricular activities, eg. Junior Production and Young Entrepreneurs.”


“Good range of extra-curricular activities. Very well behaved children – noticeable when parents/visitors come into school. Some great ideas used in the classroom and lots of ways to inspire the children. Excellent introduction for children to school with great reception teacher and TAs and a really good space for them.”


“You can see the passion, the motivation and effort. I feel the school creates a thirst for learning. You create a positive ‘can do’ attitude and make children feel valued – communicate with home, nurture the children, well-planned lessons, care about the children, teachers are excellent role models, create a family atmosphere, support the child, believe in all children.”


“Achieving a safe, cohesive cohort throughout the whole school, from Reception through to Year 6. Lane End children always appear happy going to and coming out of school. We are extremely happy with our daughter’s education at Lane End Primary School. It feels a very welcoming school without barriers between staff and parents.”


“Great community feel, interesting topics that engage children, fantastic range of trips and activities, lots of effort put into making special events a success, e.g. Reading for Writing Week.”


“Everything from behaviour to high level results, encouragement and praise, methods of how to deal with things, school events, activities, trips, opportunities…We feel extremely lucky that our child has a place at Lane End. It is such a fantastic school.”


“Excellent help with the transition to High School and growing up generally. Fantastic PTA team and events. Assemblies and productions - teachers have done an amazing job with the production…. A very happy Year 6 student who is sad to be leaving this wonderful school but, thanks to the teachers, is ready for the new adventures ahead!”



Comments from the Parents Questionnaires in 2013 and 2014


“It's a small friendly school where each child is known and valued. There is a great range of learning opportunities as well as involvement in local events and competitions.”


“As you look around all you seem to see is happy children and that makes parents feel happy! Both my boys are really happy at Lane End and they are also doing very well and that's all I ask for!”


“The school has a delightful caring and friendly attitude. I believe the staff are approachable and friendly, I feel they genuinely care about the children who attend the school. I appreciate that being a teacher is a very tough job but I never get the impression that anything is too much hard work. All the pupils I see on a daily basis are well behaved and polite, and I'm extremely proud that my children attend the school.”


“Drive positive supportive messages to the children in respect of learning. Giving children the confidence to try their best, respecting people, thinking/reflecting on things, being kind to people.”


“Children get a good education but they also get a good sense of community and the school encourages them to be confident, caring young people.”


“You create a warm, happy environment where children can be accepting of others and feel accepted. The curriculum seems to be increasingly creative & stimulating, and the introduction of things like forest school has been great. My children have a real love of learning which may be partly innate, but you have really fostered & encouraged it. Thank you!!”


“The school as a whole is a welcoming place. The staff that we have interacted with are all friendly and very professional. On the occasions that I have been present at the school I have been really pleased to see the level of enthusiasm that the staff have and the encouragement and praise that the children receive.”


“You provide a safe and happy school where the children move on to high school being proud to have attended Lane End and then ex-pupils give encouragement to younger ex-Lane End pupils. Thank you.”


“I believe the school has really helped and supported both our children (and our third is very excited about starting in September). The variety of activities and the inclusiveness, in addition to the 'external' topics/people/subjects that are introduced is superb (I am thinking of the authors, twinning/exchange activities etc that are undertaken).”


“Foster a caring, community spirit and encourage all children to develop a growth mindset.”


“Lane End offers a supportive, nurturing environment in which students are encouraged to fulfil their full potential whilst challenging themselves.”


“The school is innovative (crucial when money is tight) - e.g. Muddy Mondays. I am very proud to say to other parents I meet that my daughter is at Lane End.”


“Promote a happy secure and very supportive environment in which the children can learn and develop.”


“The children are really given a voice and listened to which builds confidence.”


“Provide a happy, secure environment where my child can develop as a learner. There are also opportunities for her to thrive as an individual and to try a wide range of activities and experiences.”


“A very approachable school with a strong sense of community.”


“Excellent combination of boundaries, learning and fun activities.”


“Teaching the children to be independent and respect others.”


“Happy learners and community spirit in class.”


“I think the balance is right between academic work, sports, homework levels and enjoyment – there is a sense of close-knit relationships between home and school which is important.”


“Positive reinforcement of good behaviour.”


“Provides a very high standard of education, social development and behaviour.”


“After school clubs are impressive.”


“Growth mindset – encouraging and setting challenges for the children to strive to achieve their targets.”


“High academic achievements and expectations of behaviour.”


“School has a pleasant and engaging learning environment with lots of additional activities to support cultural and sporting awareness.”


“Promotes good values…is inclusive, encourages ambition.”


“Too many things (that the school does well) to mention…growth mindset being a major part of learning, approachability of the school, after school activities, outings and trips, school fairs, walk-to-school weeks, anti-bullying, discos and occasions, the school being a family, lots of reading and books, fantastic communication between parents and school and much more.”


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