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Summary of the Parent Questionnaire and School Improvement Plan for 2016-2017


Parent Questionnaire Feedback


Feedback from the Parent Questionnaire


We aim to work in partnership with parents and do value your feedback. We work hard to give every child the best possible education and experience at school. However, there is always something to be improved and if something isn't right we want to know about it so that we can help.  

One way in which we listen to parents is through our annual parent questionnaire. Below you will find the results of the questionnaire which was carried out in summer 2016. Thank you to everyone who responded. We had 46 responses this year from parents across all year groups. Parents/carers had the option to answer anonymously or not.


After the questionnaire results, there is a summary of our school improvement plan for parents including actions based on your feedback.


 My child enjoys school and is happy there

100% - agree or strongly agree (70% Strongly Agree, 30% Agree)



The school enables my child to achieve a high standard of work.

100% - agree or strongly agree (50% Strongly Agree, 50% Agree)




I believe that the school meets the individual needs of my child and is helping him/her to achieve well.

100% - agree or strongly agree (43% Strongly Agree, 57% Agree)



 School offers a wide range of after-school activities.

93% - agree or strongly agree (45% Strongly Agree, 48% Agree)




 I receive good information on the progress and attainment of my child in school.

100% - agree or strongly agree (38% Strongly Agree, 62% Agree)




My child is well looked after at Lane End.

100% - agree or strongly agree (78% Strongly Agree, 22% Agree)


My child is well taught at Lane End.

100% - agree or strongly agree (70% Strongly Agree, 30% Agree)



My child receives appropriate homework for their age.

96% - agree or strongly agree (37% Strongly Agree, 59% Agree)




 I believe the school achieves good standards of behaviour.

100% - agree or strongly agree (65% Strongly Agree, 35% Agree)




 I feel happy to approach the school with any issues concerning my child.

98% - agree or strongly agree (68% Strongly Agree, 30% Agree)




 I understand it is easy for parents to get involved in the life of the school.

100% - agree or strongly agree (59% Strongly Agree, 41% Agree)




 I believe the school provides a safe environment for my child.

100% - agree or strongly agree (76% Strongly Agree, 24% Agree)





I believe the school helps my child to understand how to stay safe.

100% - agree or strongly agree (59% Strongly Agree, 41% Agree)




 I believe the school encourages my child to keep healthy.

93% - agree or strongly agree (57% Strongly Agree, 36% Agree)




 I believe the school supports parents in how to support their children at home.

100% - agree or strongly agree (34% Strongly Agree, 66% Agree)




I believe that there is good communication between school and home.

98% - agree or strongly agree (61% Strongly Agree, 37% Agree)


 I believe the school is well led and managed

100% - agree or strongly agree (74% Strongly Agree, 26% Agree)



There was the opportunity to write a comment linked to each response and we also asked the following longer questions:  What do you believe we do well as a school? What else could we do to improve further?  Any additional comments?        


All of these results feed into our school improvement plan for 2016/17. Whilst the majority of the responses were positive and reflected the hard work that everyone puts in to the school, there is always more work to be done and we are able to use the feedback received to continue to  move the school forward to get the best for all of the children.


We have listened to your feedback and, where possible, we have already started using it to help us improve. The questionnaire also gives us information which helps us to make smaller, possibly unseen changes which ensure that all of the children are having a positive experience in school.  Please do get in touch if there is any other feedback that you want to give us so that we can help.




– some key points for parents




At Lane End Primary School we aim to work in partnership with all members of the school community to make teaching and learning exciting and enjoyable, support and challenge every child to achieve at the highest possible level and create a safe and secure environment where every child is happy, valued and prepared to make a positive contribution to our rapidly changing society.     


OUR VALUES:  Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Respect, Courage, Equality, Friendship




Over the next 5 – 10 years we have identified 4 main areas we will be developing within the school.


A: To further develop teaching techniques and a meaningful curriculum which enthuses every child and enhances their individual learning.


B:  To develop our learning community (giving everyone in the school community the opportunity to learn together).


C:  To further develop our Growth Mindset and to live the School Values.   


D:  To create a 21st Century school environment which enhances learning opportunities for all.




We are taking many steps to ensure that we achieve the targets we have set. 

Here are some examples of ways we endeavour to achieve these with some of the actions linking to feedback from our parent questionnaire:


To further develop teaching techniques and a meaningful curriculum which enthuses every child and enhances their individual learning


We are developing reading in school and our use of Guided Reading sessions. Each class teacher is producing a recommended book list for their class and we will be giving further guidance to parents on reading at home.


We are further developing our thematic approach in line with the new curriculum and ensuring that children have a high quality learning experience and a broad and balanced curriculum which allows all children to be challenged appropriately and all children to find something to excel at – we are making this learning relevant, fun and enriching it with visits and visitors.


We know that you value the wider curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities that we offer and we are furthering our provision of music, art and sport through the use of specialists, our extra-curricular program and special events and opportunities. We currently have a tennis club on Fridays for Years 1 and 2 and a question was asked about whether this could be extended to the juniors. The tennis coach would prefer junior members to use the courts at Bramhall Lawn Tennis Club and will be sending home information to junior about the provision.


The responses on the questionnaire were very positive about the children's behaviour, however it is always a priority to maintain high standards of behaviour across school. We have developed our recording systems for Golden Time to facilitate our communications with parents/carers about any ongoing issues around your child's behaviour. We will continue with our annual anti-bullying week and assemblies and we are also introducing a weekly class circle time on Thursday mornings as part of our restorative approach work.


We know that you appreciate the learning that comes from our annual 'theme week' which involves all of the children across the school.  Our whole school theme week this year is going to be based on our 50th Anniversary (1967 - 2017). We will hold this in March to coincide with when the school was first opened 50 years ago. There will be other events and activities to help celebrate our Golden Anniversary over the year.


Although all of the parents who responded to the questionnaire felt that we provide a safe environment for the children in school there were a few parents who commented that they didn’t always know what information was given to the children about their personal safety and health. Mrs Love is going to hold two assemblies each half term on the children’s own safety, behaviour and good health and produce an accompanying booklet for parents. This will cover things such as e-safety, bullying, stranger-danger, healthy eating, exercise etc.


School dinners are cooked onsite by our cook who is employed through SKSolutions. We know that the meals are healthy and nutritious and they meet all existing standards, but there were a couple of questions about how healthy the puddings were. We will look in to this with the help of SKSolutions and let you know our findings and any actions.


 To develop our learning community


We are further refining our new assessment and marking policy which will make it easier for children (and also parents) to see what they are doing well and what needs to be done to improve their work. As part of this we are designing a new target sheet which should help parents support children with their targets at home. We will also look at how homework is distributed between year groups under the new curriculum to ensure the best continuity.


 We want to help parents have a better understanding of what their children are doing in school.  We know that our Year 1 parents appreciated the 'Seesaw' app and website which was trialled in Year 1 last year. This piece of software links school and home, allowing teachers to share children's work and experiences with parents/carers via a secure app and website. It also gives children an audience for their work beyond their teacher and class mates. We are going to introduce this app across the school. 


We want to continue developing our strong team of staff with high quality training and access to the latest thinking in education – teaching assistants are receiving more training on  reading this year.


We have introduced 'ParentPay' to make payments to school more efficient. We will also trial sending out newsletters by email instead of paper copies in the Spring term and then ask for your feedback on how successful this is for parents/carers.


To develop our Growth Mindset and live the Olympic and Paralympic Values


We will deliver whole school messages and expectations around our values. We will use assemblies, class time, competitions and events (such as our 50th Anniversary) to further enhance children’s understanding of the school values and how to do their best, meet a challenge and keep improving.


We want to give children access to inspirational visitors and experiences to develop their Growth Mindset. We are finding even more opportunities for challenge across the curriculum. We are also further developing our sports provision - as part of our Sports Premium provision this year, Mrs Li, our HLTA, has trained as a run leader and will be taking cross country club for the juniors. We also have Life Leisure providing multi sports clubs for the infants during two lunchtimes. 


To create a 21st Century school environment which enhances learning opportunities for all.

 We have created a doorway in Year 1 to allow access to the outside space and aid transition from Reception. 


We are continuing to develop our Forest Schools Provision and will look at ways to get the junior children more involved as the focus has been on the infants and particularly Year 1 so far because Mrs Chamberlain is our trained Forest School Leader.


In consultation with the children we are going to refurbish and update aspects of the school they would like to see improved.  We are aiming to redecorate and refurbish to get the very best out of our school building and environment.  




 Thank-you for taking the time to read this information, we hope you find it useful and that it gives you a better understanding of the improvements we are focusing on or intend to make. All of these steps are designed to help your child achieve their best and enjoy their education. Thank you for your continued support in helping us to achieve these aims. Thank you as well for all of the kind comments about our school as part of the feedback process - you can see some of those here.


Our School Improvement Plan is continually reviewed and developed. We will update you over the coming year on our progress towards these targets.


If you have any queries relating to this summary of the School Improvement Plan, or would like additional information or to give us any more feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please also remember that we aim to be approachable and work in partnership with parents, so if there is anything you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to come and talk to us.


Many thanks,   

James Twigg









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