Welcome to Lane End Primary School

The early years at school are of vital importance.  It is the time when attitudes are formed which affect the whole of your child's education and his or her later life.  At Lane End we, therefore, aim to provide a happy atmosphere where positive attitudes are fostered; where your child feels confident, secure and challenged at the right level; can mature socially, emotionally and educationally and can develop qualities of independence, self-discipline and respect for others.

It is the job of the school, not only to maintain high academic standards but also to nurture and channel the natural curiosity that all children possess.  We see the education of children in this wide sense as the joint responsibility of parents and teachers, and look forward to working with you in partnership.

When a child starts school he or she may have worries and anxieties which to an adult seem minor, but to the child appear colossal. As teachers at Lane End we understand this and our initial aims are to help the new children settle in to their new surroundings and to provide an environment which will give them the same sense of security they enjoy at home.

An understanding of the basic skills of literacy and mathematics is very important.  Every child acquires these skills in different ways and at different speeds.  Our curriculum is designed to give each child work which is progressively more challenging and to extend each child's knowledge and understanding.

We have high expectations for all our children and support them well to meet challenges. We also believe strongly that school should be enjoyable and provide a wide range of exciting opportunities for every child. We want to prepare all of our children for a full life in the future.

We aim to work with you to get the very best for your child at the start and throughout their time at Lane End Primary School and look forward to welcoming you to our school. If you are considering sending your child to Lane End you are very welcome to telephone for an appointment and I will show you around the school during during the school day and answer any questions you may have.

Claire Love, Headteacher


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Lane End is a county primary school (4-11 years).   Prior to 1990 the school consisted of two buildings, one housing the infant department and the other the junior department. In 1990 an extension was added to the existing infant building and the whole school is now housed in modern accommodation, overlooking fields at the back of Bramhall Park. Recent updates to the site have included a new school garden and adventure play area.