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Our School Staff

Find out more about our staff from our Y6 reporters...

Mrs Love

Mrs Love is our Headteacher.   She was our Deputy head for the past ten years and taught class 5.  Mrs Love can't think of a better place to be Headteacher.  She has two sons called Harvey and Elliot. 

Mrs Toyne

Mrs Toyne is the Reception class teacher at Lane End. She has two boys called Ruben and Louis and is married to Mr Toyne.  Mrs Toyne is our Deputy Head teacher.



Miss Preskey

Miss Preskey was born in Sheffield and is a Class 3 teacher at Lane End Primary School. She taught  in Sheffield for one year and a Reception class in Alderley Edge for two years before coming to Lane End.  Her hobbies include going to the gym, socialising with people and going shopping.


Mrs Tweddle

Mrs Tweddle (known as Mrs T) is also a Class 3 teacher. She was born in Macclesfield. She has a younger sister called Penny. She got married in 2003. Her current hobbies are skiing, snowboarding, going to the gym plus doing yoga, eating out and shopping. Her hopes for the future are to invent a magical way to get her books marked automatically, sell it to other teachers and make a million. Mrs T  has said that Lane End is a very friendly place to work and she has said she would like to work more closely with children with special educational needs.



Mrs Chamberlain

Mrs Chamberlain teaches Class 1. She was born in Wolverhampton. Her hobbies are gardening and cooking.  Mrs Chamberlain is married and has a son called Albert and a daughter called Elsie.



Mr Toyne

Mr Toyne teaches Class 6 at Lane End Primary. He is married to Mrs Toyne and has two brothers and one sister. He first thought about teaching when he worked in his friends classroom for two days, and really enjoyed his time there. Mr Toyne’s hobbies are climbing hills and mountains, sleeping in the afternoon and reading.  Mr Toyne is our Deputy Head teacher from Monday to Thursday.




Mr Vallance

Mr Vallance teaches Year 4. He was born on a farm in Glossop in Derbyshire. He has a son called Daniel, a daughter called Jessica and a wife called Tracey who is also a teacher. His favourite subject at the moment is science, but when he was 10 years old his favourite subject was P.E. His hobbies are rock climbing, mountain biking and watching Coronation Street! His favourite holiday was to the Canadian Rockies with his family. Mr Vallance supports Manchester City! His future hope is to be loving teaching as much as he is now!   

Mrs Batho

Mrs Batho is one of our Y6 teachers.  She was born in Wythenshawe and has two children called Tom (15) and Isabel (13).  Mrs Batho has taught at a school in Trafford before moving to Lane End. She trained in Sheffield.  Mrs Batho loves Lane End - she says it is a friendly school and she loves coming to work.  The children are supportive and interested in learning.  Her hobbies are Pilates and reading.  Mrs Batho's favourite children's book is 'Danny the Champion of the World'.  Her further hopes are to carry on working at Lane End.

Miss Joseph

Miss Joseph was born in Stockport and is one of our Y2 teachers, she has taught every year group but has mainly taught Y1 and Y2.  She is raising her niece.  She always looks forward to coming to work as she thinks Lane End is the happiest school in Stockport.  She says the children and staff are great to work with.

Miss Rainey

Miss Rainey is one of our Y2 teachers.  She has tuaght Y5,4,3 and 2 in other schools.  Miss Raney had a baby named Alice.  Miss Rainey was born in Stockport.  She thinks Lane End is lovely, the children are polite and the staff are very supportive.

Ms Carter

Ms Carter is one of our Y5 teachers.  She was born in Manchester and has two children; named Bea and Oliver.  Bea is two and Oliver is six.

Mrs Mealand

Mrs Mealand was born in Cheadle and is one of our Class 5 teachers.  She has been a Midday Assistant, teaching assistant and a Governor at Lane End.  She has three children called Tom, George and Sam. Mrs Mealand loves the children and staff at Lane End and therefore loves her job!


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Staffing Structure


Headteacher – Mrs Claire Love (MFL, Designated Officer for Child Protection, Health and Safety, Computing with Miss Joseph)

Deputy Head – Mr Chris Toyne (4 days) and Miss Stacey Rainey (1 day)


Teaching Staff

Class R - Mrs Helen Toyne - Music, Early Years.

Class 1 -  Mrs Jenni Chamberlain – Forest School and Geography

Class 1 - Mrs Sarah Cookson - DT

Class 2 -  Miss Stacey Rainey – Maths 

Class 2 - Miss Chloe Joseph - Computing 

Class 3 –  Ms Jo Preskey – Humanities, G and T, PGCE students 

Class 3 - Mrs Gill Tweddle - SENCO,  Art

Class 4 - Mr Greg Vallance - Science

Class 5 – Mrs Jan Mealand - PE 

Class 5 - Ms Kate Carter - NQT

Class 6 -  Mr Chris Toyne – English, Deputy Head, Assessment

Class 6 - Mrs Alison Batho - PSHE, R.E.


Other Teaching Staff

Mrs Liz McCoy – Teacher for PPA cover 


Admin Support

Mrs Judith Titterington - Secretary 

Mrs Geraldine Leary – Finance officer


Mid-day Assistants

Mrs Wendy Walsh (Mid-day Supervisor)

Mrs Doreen Woodhouse

Ms Helen Davenport

Mrs Danielle Campbell

Mrs Nancy Lau

Mrs Lynn Sardo



Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sam Stansfield - Class R

Mrs Di Davies – Class R

Mrs Sandra Parker – Class R

Mrs Michelle Tyrer - Class 1

Mrs Geraldine Leary - Class 2

Miss Bryony Jones - Class 2, Class 6 and 1:1 Pupil Premium tuition

Mrs Melanie Li – Class 3

Mrs Gill Davenport – Class 3

Mrs Leila Edwards  - Class 3

Miss Natasha Sweeney - Class 4 and Class 6

Mrs Elaine Coughtrey - Class 4

Mrs Wendy Walsh -  Class 6



Mr Paul Sutton- Caretaker


Peripatetic Staff

Mr Illya Gosling - Flute / Clarinet

Ms Samantha Yates - Guitar


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Jane Haughton – Cook

Irene Liu - Kitchen support