Home-School Agreement

The family will support the work of the school by:

  •     Ensuring that their child attends school regularly, arrives punctually and is collected at the correct time.
  •     Informing the school by 9:30am on the first day of absence.
  •     Supporting the school in maintaining good behaviour and discipline.
  •     Attending all Parent-Teacher Interviews to discuss their child’s progress.
  •     Telling the school of any change in circumstance which may affect their child’s learning.
  •     Supporting their child with homework.

The child is expected to:

  • Follow our Golden Rules, which are:
  1. Do be gentle
  2. Do be kind and helpful
  3. Do work hard
  4. Do look after property
  5. Do listen to people
  6. Do be honest.
  • Care for their environment.
  • Be a good representative for the school in the community.
  • Show respect to all adults working in school.
  • Tell a grown up if they are sad or worried.
  • Try their best on their homework and hand it in on time.

School will support the work of parents and the development of your child by:

  •     Working with your child to help him/her achieve their best.
  •     Providing your child with a broad and balanced education.
  •     Supporting your child to develop a healthy lifestyle.
  •     Supporting your child’s emotional and social development.
  •     Keeping you informed about the work we are covering each term.
  •     Holding regular parents’ evenings to discuss your child’s progress.
  •     Arranging a mutually convenient appointment for any parent who wishes to discuss his/her child.
  •     Informing families of any concerns that affect their child.
  •     Encouraging your child to care for his/her environment.
  •     Supporting the family whenever possible or appropriate.
  •     Providing appropriate homework in line with the school’s policy.

Our children achieve more when school and family work together.